Power and air conditioning

A multi-designed power system with built separately from each other systems ensures an uninterrupted power supply for your IT-systems . The ColoBâle has twice designed transformer stations. In addition, diesel engines can take over the power supply of the building.


The entire power supply up to the individual racks are made through at least 2 completely separate from each other networks that backup each other.


The air conditioning is ensured by a N + 1 twice designed system. Two 20,000-liter water tanks serve as cold buffer for two refrigeration systems. Each system is built twice in itself, for a total of 4 climate cycles are present in the system rooms. 4 double compressors provide the required refrigeration available.


When outside temperatures below 17 ° Celsius without affecting the performance of the compressors, cooling made ​​exclusively with outside air. This so-called free cooling is our contribution to the environment. The system rooms are built according to the "cold aisle principle". The supply of cold air takes place through the raised floor directly in front of the racks; by a massive reduction in energy requirements.