1/4 Rack – 1/2 Rack

It is possible to rent 1/4 rack (11 height units HE) and 1/2 rack (22U). Alternatively 1/1 rack divided in 2 resp. 4 units. All units can be completed individually and are thus ready for fully autonomous operation. The racks are installed in an access-secured, shared space on a raised floor.


Features 1/4 Rack – 1/2 Rack

  • 1/ Rack 11HE, +/2 Rack 22HE Kaba Star locker facility
  • (1 key included in subscribers' package, additional keys optional)
  • 1x UPS and emergency-based power connection
  • Grid A, 99.9% availability
  • Connection power ¼ Rack 0.74kW ; ½ Rack 1.5 kW ; 1x socket T23
  • (additional connection power optional)
  • 6 x Cat 6 copper connections to central distribution
  • Rack grounded (doors, side panels, roof, 19" height profiles)

Included Services and Safety

  • Cooling with backup-system to 24° Celsius at Rack front (99.99% availability)
  • 7 days a week, 24 hours access to the site with electronic badge(1 badge included in subscriber's package, additional badge optional)
  • Man trap and materials lock
  • Electronic surveillance of all doors and entrances with alarm
  • Online access to current power consumption values
  • 7 days a week, 24 hours video surveillance and recording
  • Smoke, fire and water detection, separated in sections
  • Fenced area, patrols at different intervals
  • Use of meeting rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a shower, lavatories and lounge
  • Free parking space in front of the building
  • Free internet access (LAN und WLAN)
  • Free use of telephone (national calls)


  • Grid B