Private Suite

Private Suite

Among Private Suite, we understand providing a freely available floor space. The floor area is fully protected by solid masonry over other premises. Private Suite is offered from a floor area of ​​75 m2 up to 1000 m2 . The customer is free to design his private suite and responsible for the interior design themselves.

Features Private Suite

  • Soil surface in a desired overall size, access by electronic badge
  • Mounting height 550mm raised floor, floor tiles 600x600mm or according to customer requirement. If necessary, with floor frame
  • 2x UPS and emergency based power supply (Grid A + B, 99.99 % availability)
  • Connection for power 1kW per m2 (additional power connection optional)

Included Services and Safety

  1. Cooling with backup-system to 26°Celsius at Rack front (99.99% availability)
  2. 7 days a week, 24 hours access to the site with electronic badge (3 badge included in subscribers package, additional badge optional)
  3. Man trap and materials lock
  4. Electronic surveillance of all doors and entrances with alarm
  5. Online access to current power consumption values
  6. 7 days a week, 24 hours video surveillance and recording
  7. Smoke, fire and water detection, separated in sections
  8. Fenced area, patrols at different intervals
  9. Use of meeting rooms , a fully equipped kitchen, a shower, lavatories and lounge
  10. Free parking space in front of the building
  11. Free internet access (LAN und WLAN)
  12. Free use of telephone (national calls)


  1. Provide customers racks according to customer requirements
  2. Customer racks on rental base
  3. Expansion of the connected load according to customer requirements
  4. Increased security requirements such as Separation Unit, weight measurement , biometric recognition methods
  5. Engineering, design and installation services through Colobâle AG


The price depends on the desired expansion of the customer. In order to create your individual offer, please let us know the exact quantity structure ( floor space , power input) Contact us here


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