Rack 600 x 1000 / 800 x 1200

Rack 600 x 1000 / 800 x 1200

Ready for use, pre-loaded and lockable 19" cabinet (rack). The Racks are installed in an access-secured, shared space on a raised floor.

Features Rack 600mm x 1000mm / Rack 800mm x 1200mm

  • 1/1 Rack 46HE, Kaba Star locker facility (1 key included in subscribers' package, additional keys optional)
  • 2x UPS and emergency-based power supply
  • (Grid A + B, 99.99% availability)
  • Connection power 3kW, 2x socket T23 (additional connection power optional)
  • 6 x Cat 6 copper connections to central distribution
  • Rack grounded (doors, side panels, roof, 19" height profiles)

Included Services and Safety

  1. Cooling with backup-system to 26° at Rack front (99.99% availability)
  2. 7 days a week, 24 hours access to the site with electronic badge (1 badge included in subscribers' package, additional badge optional)
  3. Man trap and materials lock
  4. Electronic surveillance of all doors and entrances with alarm
  5. Online access to current power consumption values
  6. 7 days a week, 24 hours video surveillance and recording
  7. Smoke, fire and water detection, separated in sections
  8. Fenced area, patrols at different intervals
  9. Use of meeting rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a shower, lavatories, and lounge
  10. Free parking space in front of the building
  11. Free internet access (LAN und WLAN)
  12. Free use of telephone (national calls)


  1. whole Rack = from CHF 1'200 monthly
  2. contact us here 


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