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2000 m2 Data Center

ColoBâle, based in Pratteln, Basle area, is one of the largest colocation centres in northwest Switzerland. It started its operations in January 2009. There is room for any type of computer system in the 2000 square meters storage space. The computer centre operates as a colocation centre, which means that it is available to customers looking for a professionally operated location for their computer systems, as well as for those looking to relocate their systems for safety reasons. The colocation centre is designed for non-failure operation of computer systems. Customers can rent a space dedicated to their requirements to advantageous conditions. As a vendor-independent data centre the ColoBâle is able to fulfil the individual needs and requirements of each customer.

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  • Why ColoBâle's data center is the right choice

    Stefan Mayer as managing director and Walter Pfiffner in sales are responsible for a successful, professional implementation of the colocation projects

    Walter und Stefan
    Walter Pfiffner Sales Telefon +41 61 599 66 44

    Every customer is unique - this is a challenge we are very happy to accept.

    Stefan Mayer managing Director Telefon +41 61 599 66 44

    We are personally committed to finding the best solution for our customer.

  • Fire Detection System + Leakage Monitoring

    Fire Detection System: No Smoking!

    The colocation centre is equipped with a fire detection and alarm system as well as with a dry fire extinguishing system in case of fire. Fire-fighting equipment includes CO2 inergen which extinguishes fires by reducing the oxygen content in a room to a minimum (equivalent to oxygen content found at 4,500 meters altitude), therefore starving off any fire of its oxygen supply. There are no risks involved to humans in this process.

    An additional early fire alarm system detects the smallest smoke particles and intervenes long before a fire has even a chance to start.

    A fire alarm is immediately reported to the Fire Department.

    Leckage Monitoring

    The rooms are also equipped with water sensors and special drip pans. These are coupled to the central controller and remove whenever needed alarm.

  • Power Supply + Air Conditioning

    Power Supply

    A multi-designed power system with built separately from each other systems ensures an uninterrupted power supply for your IT-systems . The ColoBâle has twice designed transformer stations. In addition, diesel engines can take over the power supply of the building.

    The entire power supply up to the individual racks are made through at least 2 completely separate from each other networks that backup each other.

    Air Conditioning: Keep Cool!

    The air conditioning is ensured by a N + 1 twice designed system. Two 20,000-liter water tanks serve as cold buffer for two refrigeration systems. Each system is built twice in itself, for a total of 4 climate cycles are present in the system rooms. 4 double compressors provide the required refrigeration available.

    When outside temperatures below 17 ° Celsius without affecting the performance of the compressors, cooling made ​​exclusively with outside air. This so-called free cooling is our contribution to the environment. The system rooms are built according to the "cold aisle principle". The supply of cold air takes place through the raised floor directly in front of the racks; by a massive reduction in energy requirements.

  • Access Control + Video Surveillance + Security Requirement Building

    Access Control: A Vault for your Data!

    The entire colocation centre is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The entrance is equipped with an electronic access system. Each door is individually managed and monitored. Each person has only access to the specific area this person works in; separation unit and separate materials lock.

    The racks are all individually equipped with a mechanical Kaba-Star locker facility.

    Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance and recording for each section of ColoBâle inside and outside.

    In addition, security checks in irregular mode of the whole area are undertaken.

    Security Requirement Building

    According to the evidence on seismic actions according to SIA is to look at the ColoBâle Colocation Center as earthquake-proof.

  • Georedundancy

    We offer our customers in the ColoBâle a scalable infrastructure to meet their future requirements and their growth.

    With redundant systems in at least two geographically separated locations in Switzerland, they achieve maximum failure safety.

    We offer this double protection through distributed data centres together with our partners.



    Vigiswiss® Swiss Data Center Association is the first certified network of Swiss data storage and protection companies. Its mission is to preserve the global digital memory.

    Vigiswiss was formed to store and protect the confidential data of governments, organizations, companies and individuals the world over and to protect related systems (e.g. data processing, analysis, communications and transmission). The Vigiswiss label is a guarantee of the excellence of the services delivered by its members and their partners: data centers, hosts, integrators and associated service providers. Under the Vigiswiss charter, certified members agree to provide a defined level of security, not to host illegal data (e.g. data related to terrorism, child pornography, etc.) and to be regularly audited by an independent body.

  • Encounter

    Space for Man and Technique

    The concept ColoBâle means to create space for man and technique. Shared and yet together can be found at the top of the colocation centre is not only room for computer science systems, but also rooms for meetings, trainings and encounters.

    For project manager, resp. existing customers, the premises for meetings on the spot offer. Technicians will find an island of peace to pursue highly concentrated their duties.

    Modern equipped meeting rooms with natural daylight can accommodate up to 30 people are at your disposal - space for your ideas and needs on the spot - by the hour or day.

    A fully equipped kitchen , shower, toilet and a large light-filled lounge equipped with seating and wireless internet, complete the offer for a successful event. The pleasant atmosphere of the lounge with seating for up to 100 people, invites you to take a break or a strengthening of hot and cold beverages. Encounters, experiences and discussions between specialists are encouraged and supported optimally.


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